Thank you for booking your photoshoot with us.  We are so excited to capture your precious moments so you can treasure them forever.   Here are some things to keep in mind as we prepare for it.

Vision: A bit about our style

We specialize in storytelling photography through a combination of posed and candid moments with your loved ones.  This means that we have some traditionally posed images, yet for the most part our approach is candid and fluid. This includes shots interacting and having a good time, and not necessarily looking at the camera. 

If you have any ideas, please send it along (or tell us during the shoot) we will do our best to include in the shoot. However, we are unable to 100% promise an specific shot as we go at the pace of the family or individual (s) involved. Especially when working with little ones, we try to keep things moving -let’s face it many wee ones do not work on demand :P   That’s why activities work well with this demographic . We want to keep the flow of the shoot flexible so it’s fun for everyone. 

A creative use of perspective, light and space allows us to add a unique touch to your photoshoot. Though I try to keep my style consistent, every photoshoot is different as every light situation might be different. For instance, photos taken right before the sun sets will be warmer and have softer tones (i.e. 630 or 7 pm), than those taken right when the sun is beaming in full at 5 pm. The tones are still pretty yet different with a bit more contrast. 


Time and Place: For my outdoor work, we mainly shoot at Fish Creek, or mutually convenient park. For newborn shoots, we work at your home.  Stay tuned for all the details. Please arrive at location 15 mins prior to ensure everyone is ready and we can make the most of the shoot.  Bring water and snacks if desired.


Outfits: The fun part!

Colours: You know what works best for you! For our shoots, we suggest a combination of some of these colours or styles. We suggest neutrals (whites, grays, blues, and blacks), pastels, and dark greens/blues, mustards and burgundy. Just select a harmonizing palette that works for you and voila!   The combinations are endless.

Avoid: logos, fluorescent sharp colours as these reflect badly in people’s skins.  Too many distracting patterns. One of the family members can wear patterns – for instance, mom can wear florals-, or baby only. This allows to ensure patterns are not clashing or competing with the image.

Babies/Children: wear fairly fitted clothing. I usually use one size smaller if it fits well, so you can appreciate their shapes better.  

Zara, Old Navy, H&M, JoeFresh, your fav online store (and I am sure there’s lots in your closet too!) that will work. It’s all about keeping it simple, comfy and intentional.

Props: feel free to bring any prop desired: a cool hat, a cute teddy bear, ultrasound images, whatever is meaningful to you and yours and we can try to integrate into the shoot.


Your gallery will be ready within 2 weeks of the shoot, yay!


I will always keep safety first and will never request client (s) to perform any endangering activity. This task in performed in collaboration with clients, if there is any pose or activity that may seem risky or the client (s) is not comfortable performing, he/she/they will inform the client right away

  • Payment: A $150.00 deposit is needed to secure your date. This can be sent via e-transfer to The remaining portion is due when you have selected your finally gallery.


  • Re-scheduling: If weather is not ideal/safe, and/or if anyone involved is sick, we will find another convenient time to work together.


  • Cancellation: your deposit is fully refundable (except for cake smashes) if you cancel within 24hrs of the shoot.


  •  Use of images: Images are yours to use for personal purposes. I retain full copyright. I generally use a selection on the best images on social media and my website to promote my work, please let me know if you prefer otherwise.  I never post names (unless desired by the clients) and only post after I have delivered the gallery so clients can let me know if there are specific images they do not want me to use.


  • Editing and retouching: I do professional editing of the images, however, advanced editing such as removing acne, teeth whitening, etc., is an additional cost. Contact me for details.


Thanks for booking with us! Contact us should you have any questions

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