About our Style

We specialize in storytelling photography through a combination of posed and candid moments with your loved ones.  This means that we have some traditionally posed images yet for the most part our approach is candid and fluid. 

This includes many shots interacting and having a good time, and not necessarily looking at the camera. To us is about connection and love.  Our work focuses on couples, maternity, newborns, and baby cake smash.

If you have any ideas, please send it along (or tell us during the shoot) we will do our best to include in the shoot. However, we are unable to 100% promise a specific shot as we go at the pace of the family or individual (s) involved. Especially when working with little ones, we try to keep things moving -let’s face it many wee ones do not work on demand :P So we do our best to cover a range of combinations, but we might not get them all, as it all depends on how everyone is doing.  That’s why activities work well with this demographic. We want to keep the flow of the shoot flexible so it’s fun for everyone. 


Creative use of perspective, light, and space allows us to add a unique touch to your photoshoot. Though I try to keep my style consistent, every photoshoot is different as every light situation might be different. For instance, photos taken right before the sun sets will be warmer and have softer tones (we highly recommend shooting at golden hour), than those taken right when the sun is beaming in full. The tones are still pretty yet different with a bit more contrast.

Contact us for more information. We only book limited shoots per month. 

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